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TOP 35 interesting 3D printing Easter ideas [2024]

As Easter 2024 approaches, it's time to explore 3D printing ideas for Easter in order to infuse our celebrations with a touch of creativity and innovation. We all already know that 3D printing opens up a world of possibilities and offers us a unique way to craft personalized gifts and decorations that stand out from the usual store-bought fare.

Whether you're making something for yourself, for a loved one or for a special occasion, there are so many options when it comes to 3D printing for Easter.

In this article, we will share some of the best 3D printing ideas for Easter 2024.  From 3D printing holiday-themed decorations for your home, custom gifts for kids and friends, to preparing your 3D print shop up to date to increase sales. Let's get started!

The most interesting 3D printing ideas for Easter 2024

We've looked around on various platforms with free 3D models such as Printables, Thingiverse, MakerWorld, Cults3d and a few others and collected the most popular, interesting and newest printable Easter objects for here.

So get ready, because here are some really great ideas for Easter 3D printing.

For the sake of simplicity, we've categorized all the printing ideas into the following groups:

Let's see what we have prepared for you.

3D printing ideas: printable Easter eggs

This group of items for Easter 3D printing is the most popular at this time of year. Therefore, there are a variety of designs for every taste. These are the most downloadable:

1. 3D Printable Surprise Eggs with Different Vehicles Inside

This 3D designer has put together a small collection of 11 different surprise eggs you which are perfect to be 3D printed for Easter. Each one contains a small vehicle: a fire engine, a jet fighter, a lorry, a harvester, an excavator, etc. All have different links that you can find in the description of the 3D model on Thingiverse.

Neither the egg nor the tiny figures need a support structure. Moreover, it is quite entertaining to print them. We selected 4 such surprise eggs and 3D printed them with our recycled PETG filament. And here is the result:

Easter  egg 3D print idea

It's a perfect 3D printed gift and toy :)

Source: Thingiverse

2. Minimalist Easter egg to 3D print

Another Easter 3D printing idea is these minimalist Easter eggs, which can be used as containers for sweets. The eggs prints easy and without the support structure. It looks beautiful in bright colors.

Easter eggs to 3D print

Source: Printables

3. Print Flexible Easter Bunny Egg

Add a twist of fun to your Easter printables with this MakerWorld STL file. It is a flexible egg-bunny!  These playful Easter eggs, with their bendable legs, bring an interactive element to your holiday decor for sure.

flex 3d printing bunny

Source: MakerWorld

4. Hanging Easter Eggs for 3D Printing

This Easter egg decoration can be used as a kit for self-assembly or as a gift box filled with Easter chocolate. It is designed for hanging, but it's up to you how you want to use it. It is a beautiful 3D printed decorative item or a 3D printed gift.

If you choose to print all the pieces at once, make sure your bed is flat and super clean. 3D printing with PETG increases the durability of this item.

Be careful when assembling this 3D printed Easter egg. Do not use too much force as this can destroy the print.

3D printed Easter egg

Source: Printables

5. Star Wars egg box: 3D printing idea for Star Wars fans

Are you a Star Wars fan? If so, here's a cool 3D printing idea for the Easter Star Egg that doesn't have many downloads on Printables yet.

We started printing it as soon as we saw it.... And we couldn't stop with just 1 print and material. We printed it in ABSx Matt Black (which was very nice), and we even tried our upcoming metallic color and got a fantastic result:

Source: Printables

6. Easter cats as a 3D print idea for Easter 2024

This is another quirky idea of what you can print for this holiday. It will appeal to children in particular. Easter eggs in the shape of cute cats with 5 different facial expressions. You can 3D print them as a "surprise box" for some sweets or chocolate eggs. In this case it is printed as 2 parts. Otherwise, you can also print it as a one-piece egg.

We opted for the happy cat in 2 parts and 3D printed it in ABSx Candy Red, ABSx Candy Blue, ABSx Candy Green and ABSx Orchid Purple. It is very easy to print and looks really cute.

Easter 3d printing idea

Source: Printables

7. Dragon Easter egg holder: 3D printing idea for Game of Thrones fans

Are there any Game of Thrones fans here? Here's an idea for a 3D print for Easter: the Game of Thrones dragon egg. You can hollow it out and thread it to put treasures inside! Or just chocolate.

We printed it with additional support structure and with glittery, recycled 3D filaments: ABSx Astro Blue, ABSx Astro Red, and ABSx Astro Green. What can I say, the result came out very beautiful!

3d printed Easter decorations

Source: Printables 

8. Pokémon egg: 3D printer idea for Pokemon fans

The next thing you can 3D print for Easter is an egg-shaped Pokémon ball with a hinge and button. It can be opened. Therefore inside you can store chocolates or a Pokemon.

Source: Thingiverse

9. Geared Egg to 3D print on Easter

Another interesting 3D printing idea is this geared egg. Print out the parts and puzzle them together into one piece. It's a challenge, but it is also a lot of fun to do it!

3d printable Easter egg puzzle

Source: Thingiverse

10. Decorative Easter eggs for 3D printing

Are you looking for a traditional design to enrich your Easter preparations with 3D printed decorations? Then here is one of the most downloadable 3D printed eggs you can find on Thingiverse.

It's actually a whole collection of Easter eggs that you can 3D print in various filament colors. All are easy to print, fixed, and ready to slice right now.

By the way, this is the second collection of the printable Easter eggs of this 3D designer. There is another one, which you can find in the description of this 3D model directly on Thingiverse.

Source: Thingiverse

11. Fuzzy Easter egg decoration for 3D printing

Another interesting 3D design for Easter eggs are these "fluffy" eggs. It is very unusual design that looks cool once it is printed.

We 3d printed this with our recycled PETG 3D filament. And we got these interesting prints:

Source: Printables

12. Cosmic MechEGG as a 3D printable decoration idea

Here is non-traditional 3D printable Easter egg to end this chapter. It can serve as a nice element of Easter decoration for a man's office or as a cool metallic eye-catcher for the home.

Source: Printables

13. Eggshell pot to 3D print

This printable Eggshell Pot is perfectly designed to bring a touch of Easter cheer to any space. It can serve as a pot for home plants or to be a vase for Easter egss, lights, etc. In any case, it is very cute Easter decoration, which you can print with the bright filament, for example with Nobufil PCTG Neon Orange.

3d print Easter pot

Source: MakerWorld

3D Pritning Easter decoration ideas

Even though Easter eggs are the most popular 3d printables fro this holiday, there are many other 3D print decoration ideas. Let's take a look at the next printable decoration ideas for Easter 2024.

14. 3D Printable Easter Bunny parts for eggs

Printable bunny ears and tail to embellish any table decoration for Easter brunch. Easy to print out. No support required.

3d printing ideas Easter decorations

Source: Cults3d

15. 3D printable Easter bunnies

Bunnies are another essential attribute for the Easter decorations. Here is a simple bunny 3D design.

We printed these bunnies in diffent colors: in Nobufil ABSx Marble White, ABSx Lime Green, ABSx Orchid Purple and ABSx Candy Blue.

Source: Thingiverse

16. 3D Print Easter Egg Gift Wrap

Here is a good idea for 3D printed gift for Easter. Print it, fill it with chocolates and give it to your loved ones. As an alternative to chocolate, you can put a tea light inside to give it some light. It can also be used as a decoration for Easter.

The egg is a multi-part file, which some slicers may have difficulties with. You will need 11 hours of printing time for the 100% size file.

3d printed gift

Source: Printables

17. 3D printable Easter basket

Here is a design of a multi-purpose basket that you can use for Easter as well. For example, to put all your 3D printed eggs in.

We printed it with the recycled PCTG filament in Aluminum Grey to try it out.

3D printing Easter basket
3D printed with Nobufil PCTG

Source: Printables

18. 3D printable Easter letters

If you need more 3D printing decoration ideas, here's another one: the "Easter" word to decorate your home or to present it to somebody.

We 3d printed them with recycled PETG 3D filament in orange to add some colours to our office decorations.

easter decorations 3d printing

Source: Cults3d

19. The wall decoration "Happy Easter" for 3D printing

Another 3D print decoration idea is this wall decoration in the shape of a basket with a cute bunny and Easter eggs. It can be cut into 2 or 4 pieces and glued together if you want a larger one.

wall decoration to 3d print

Source: Cults3d

20. 3D printable bunny for Easter eggs

Easter egg holders as bunnies are fun prints that add a unique, decorative and fun dimension to your holiday decorations. Basically, you 3D print a bunny that will hold an Easter egg or a chocolate egg, etc. These Bunnies can be scaled to fit almost any Easter egg you want.

3d printing bunnies for easter

Source: Thingiverse

21. Printable Easter bunny napkin ring

This is another 3D printing idea for decorating the Easter table: a napkin ring in the shape of an Easter bunny. No support structure is required for the print.

3d printed decor Easter

Source: Printables

22. Easter bunny vase to 3D print

It is a small bunny which hold a vase for flowers. Looks very pretty! I am sure girls will like it.

The print looks nice in light filament colors.

3d printable bunny

Source: Printables

23. Easter basket as 3D printer idea

Another easy-to-print 3D Easter decoration. Available with texts in different languages.

3d printed Easter basket

Source: Cults3d

24. Knitted Easter Bunny to 3D print

This is very nice 3d printing idea for this holiday. Try to 3D print a knitted Easter bunny with heart on your BambuLab with different colors to make it even more interesting. The original item size is quite small, try to scale it and let us know your results!

knitted 3D printed bunny

Source: MakerWorld

25. Printable Easter Bunny Cookie Cutter

It is a cookie cutter in the shape of a cute bunny holding an Easter egg. It can be used to bake delicious and unforgettable biscuits. It's easy and fast to 3d print.

3d printable cookie cutter

Source: Thingiverse

26. 3D printable Grass

Why grow your own lawn (or Easter grass) when you can just print it?

Here is a collection of grass tiles in different sizes that are easy to print and can be cut to the right length (60 mm total length). There are nine different files to choose from, one with extra density and one round version.

Such a print can help to create a beautiful Easter atmosphere, especially in combination with Easter eggs in different colors.

3d printed grass

Source: Cults3d

27. Tulip Easter table decoration

Brighten up your Easter or spring table with this beautiful 3D printed Tulip decoration. It doubles as a unique egg cup that's sure to impress your guests. Simply print the three parts in your favorite 3D filament colors, and then assemble with a dowel. This easy-to-make decoration adds a lovely touch to any celebration.

3d printing Easter egg holder

Source: MakerWorld

28. Wind-up bunny

Our next 3D printer Easter idea is a slightly more complicated. It is a mechanism in a form of bunny. It should be a fun idea to DIY it together with children.

Source: Cults3d

29. 3D Printed Candy Container

Keep your Easter treats in the playful 3D printed container in a form of a carrot, a playful and practical way to store snacks. This charming piece adds a festive touch to your celebrations, perfect for housing both healthy and sweet treats in true Easter spirit. Try Nobufil PETG Neon Orange for this print.

3d printing container

Source: MakerWorld

30. 3D Printing Rope Bowl Idea

Here is a design of a Rope Bowl that you can also use for Easter. It looks particularly beautiful with the Nobufil ABSx Copper filament.

3d printed for Easter holiday

Source: Printables 

31. Bunny Easter decoration to 3D print

It is another idea for 3d print for Easter that can be used like a decoration for pot plans or for your garden. It will look beautiful in bright 3D filament colors and bring some Easter atmosphere.

3d printing Easter idea

Source: Printables

32. Bunny Easter Shadowbox

Illuminate your Easter celebration with a mesmerizing Bunny Easter Shadowbox. This creative project combines the charm of Easter bunnies with the magic of light. This 3d printing idea for Easter is a bit more complicated. It takes around 6-8 hours to 3d print it (it depends on the settings you chose) and you will also need a Led stripe to finish this project. But the result will worth

your efforts!

3D printing lamp

Source: MakerWorld

33. Easter Bunny LED light holder

Here is another MakerWorld Easter STL that will be a nice Easter decoration to 3D print. It is easier than the previous idea and it prints 5 hours.

These are 2 versions here: The first one with threads that will thread into the feet, it also fit the feet from the designer's other upload (tea light versions). The other one you can just drop it in, no threads. Some people find that more convenient.

PCTG Filaments, with an increased physical and chemical resistance, will be a good choice for this kind of prints.

Source: MakerWorld

34. Easter HueForge: Baby Yoda brings an Easter egg

This list of 3D printing Easter ideas should include at least one HueForge. And here we go: a cute Baby Yoda delivering an Easter Egg. For this HueForge, you need 3 different 3D printing filaments and change them at the indicated layers.

Easter HueForge 3D print

Source: MakerWorld

35. Fun 3D Printing Idea: A Collapsing Carrot Sword

Here is a fun 3D printing idea for the Easter holiday: a collapsing carrot sword.

It is definitely an overnight print: be ready! It prints for 15 hours. Also you will need to change the filament color. Just follow the guideline from the STL page.

3d printing collapsing sword

Source: MakerWorld


3D printing transforms Easter into an even more special occasion, allowing you to personalize your celebration in ways you never thought possible. From decorating your home with adorable 3D printed bunnies to adding unique, custom 3d printed eggs to your Easter baskets (which can also be 3D printed), the possibilities are endless.

This article aimed to present some of multiple Easter 3D printing ideas, so you can find your next project and have fun during the upcoming holidays. I hope you've found something interesting to 3D print for Easter 2024 among these ideas.

Let us know in the comments which of these you might print.

Happy Easter and have fun printing!


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