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15+ 3D Printing Ideas for Valentine's Day 2024

If you're looking for 3D printing ideas for Valentine's Day, whether for your 3D print shop or to print something quickly for your beloved ones, you're in the right place.

Valentine's Day is approaching, and it's time to get ready. 3D Printing some themed items is a great idea. Celebrating with a 3D-printed Valentine's gift is a perfect way to show someone you care. The best part of it is that with 3D printing technology, you can create a unique gift at home. Just buy the necessary 3D filament and choose the right print files.

For those not celebrating it but running 3D print businesses or wanting to grow their social media in 3D printing, it's a chance to keep up with trends and showcase your printing capabilities. It's also a good opportunity to try new red filaments :)

3D printing ideas for Valentine's Day

What to 3D print for St. Valentine's Day?

To put it briefly: we provide you with a dose of inspiration for everything you can create with 3D printing for Valentine's Day.

#1 Spiral Rose Vase

Our first 3D printing idea for Valentine's Day is a beautiful vase in the shape of a rose. This pretty design became one of the most popular STL files on Printables last month. It's not only visually appealing but also perfect for the upcoming holiday.

We decided to print it using various 3D materials in three colors: ABSx Candy Red, ABSx Astro Red, and PETG Red. After a 4.5-hour printing time on the Prusa MK3S+, here's our result:

Valentine's Day 3D print
3D printing ideas for Valentine's Day

Source: Printables

#2 3-Part Rotating Valentine's Heart

Our next 3D printing idea is a three-part rotating Valentine's heart, perfect for decoration or as a gift. It enhances the Valentine's Day mood on a shelf or table and makes a thoughtful present. This 3D-printed gift idea can be printed with most FFF 3D printers. Ensure you consider the right size before printing. It's an easy-to-print item, requiring no support, and is printed in one piece.

3D printed heart

Source: Thingiverse

#3 Valentine's Day Heart Puzzle

The next 3D printing idea for Valentine's Day is a bit more complex. It's a heart puzzle made of 6 pieces. This item can make a delightful gift with a surprise element, as it contains secret compartments inside for sweets or love messages.

3D Printing idea Valentine's Day
3D Printed with Nobufil ABSx Filament

We tried it ourselves, creating it with ABSx Astro Red using 3D printing. The printing time was 24 hours. Each puzzle piece required support. Once it was 3D printed, it took some time to remove the supports and disassemble the entire heart puzzle. But we did it, and it looks fantastic!

Source: Thingiverse


This romantic candle light table decoration, shaped like a heart-formed rose, is a great printing idea for Valentine's Day or any romantic occasion. The printing process is straightforward. This design doesn't require any support structures and can be printed with PETG filaments.

3D printing for Valentines Day

Source: Cults3d

#5 A Heart for a Heart

Here's another printing idea for the upcoming holiday to create a "love is in the air" atmosphere. It's a 12 cm tall heart on a rotating stand, featuring a small heart in a DIY body that can hold a message, a gift, or a picture. This 3D printing design requires a support structure.

We printed it with recycled PETG red filament and PETG black, and the result looks pretty good. Just take a look:

Ideas for 3D printing
3D printed with Nobufil PETG Filaments

Source: Printables

#6 Heart-Shaped Jewelry Box

3D printing a jewelry box as a Valentine's Day gift sounds interesting. This design includes the box and its lid, which bears the inscription "I love you." The designer encourages others to modify the design, so if you're able and willing, why not?

Another cool aspect of this design is its versatility for other holidays. It's just a perfect 3D-printing gift, allowing for later printing as well.

3D printing gift box

Source: Thingiverse

#7 3D Printing Idea for Love Signs

This is probably the most popular motif for Valentine's Day, with dozens of different designs to suit every taste. Here's one we printed with our recycled ABSx Candy Red.

It's easy to print (no support structure required) and the printing time was just a few hours for this size:

Source: Printables

#8 Valentine's Gift Photo Frame

How about a romantic photo frame as a 3D print? Here's a lovely printing idea for you!

Source: Thingiverse

#9 Bear with Heart - Low Poly

Another 3D printing idea for Valentine's Day is this printable bear. Here's an example of a low-poly bear with a heart. This print includes two separate elements: a bear and a heart. The heart can look great printed with a filament in a contrasting color.

3D printing gift idea

Source: Printables

#10 Printable Heart Vase

Another 3D printing gift idea for Valentine's Day is this heart-shaped vase for your family and friends.

The print design consists of two components: the body and the vase insert. The stand can be printed in a horizontal position (lying) without support material. In the standing position, the body has a 40 mm hole on top for the vase to fit into.

There are two options for vase inserts: a hollow version and a solid version.

The heart vase can be scaled to your liking.

3D printing decoration idea

Source: Printables

#11 3D Printable Gift Card Box

Another idea of what to 3D print is to create a beautiful box for a gift card using 3D printing. This is a lovely design for a printable gift box. All parts are printed entirely in vase mode.

The box and lid fit together with a friction fit, and the two ribbon parts also fit together with friction, holding the box securely.

3D printable gift box

Source: Printables

#12 Printable Polar Bear Pack

These cute polar bears with "love messages," are not just for Valentine's Day. The bears can hold a variety of interchangeable message boards.

Choose different 3D filament colors for the messages and the heart to make this print more interesting.

Geschenke 3D gedruckt

Source: Printables

#13 Customizable "I Love You" Letters

You can also 3D print Customizable "I Love You" Letters.

With these printable letters, you can tell your loved one "I love you." There's an option to select a name from the 1240 names included in this STL file, or you can create your own if you don't find the desired name. It is also can be a good idea for a product for a 3D printing shop.

3D print Valentines Day items

Source: Printables

#14 LED Candle Holder with Heart

This candle holder, designed for an LED candle and featuring a heart, is perfect for Valentine's Day or as a gift for another romantic occasion. Additionally, this 3D print can be made without the heart, making it a suitable gift for friends and family members.

3D-Druckidee für den Valentinstag

Source: Printables

#15 Modulare Teelichthüllen mit Liebesmotiv

Unsere letzte 3D-Druckidee für den Valentinstag ist diese modulare Teelichthülle. Der Druck umfasst 9 dekorative Seitenteile, 3 Seitenteile mit Text (+3 mit umgedrehtem Text), 4 Boden- und 3 Deckenteile

Source: Thingiverse


We hope you found this article useful and got some ideas of what to 3D print for Valentines Day.

These designs are perfect for creating memorable gifts or adding a special touch to your festivities. Enjoy exploring the possibilities of 3D printing and let your creativity lead the way.

Here's to a fun and inventive printing experience. May your Valentine's Day be as unique and special as your 3D creations. Happy printing!


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