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20+ Interesting Christmas 3D Printing Ideas to Use This Holiday Season

Are you looking for what to 3D print for Christmas? Say goodbye to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with our top 25 Christmas 3D Printing Ideas. We understand the challenge of finding that perfect, unique gift or decoration each holiday season. That's why we've compiled a list of innovative 3D printing ideas that are bound to make your celebrations stand out. Whether you're seeking to impress your family with bespoke decorations or surprise friends with personalized gifts, our list covers many different possibilities. 

The best part of it, that everything from this list can be printed right away!

Christmas 3D printing files

Top 3D Printing Christmas Ideas for you this year

1. Christmas Lantern

This 3D printing Christmas printable combines traditional holiday charm with modern design. Its intricate patterns and festive design make it a perfect centerpiece or a charming addition to your holiday decor. Imagine the warm, inviting glow of this lantern, casting a soft light on your family gatherings or adding a cozy ambiance to your winter evenings. This 3D print consists of 2 parts: Lantern itself and the Base. 

Make sure to follow all instructions from Printables to get the result as in the picture.

Printable Christmas Lantern

Source: Printables

2. Christmas Tree Ornament Set

For what to buy new Christmas Tree ornaments if you can 3D print them. In different colors... In different designs! Choose your favorite 3D filaments and print your own tree ornaments. This set of 6 ornaments need to be printed in Vase Mode. Each ornament in this set showcases a unique pattern, ranging from snowflakes to reindeers, capturing the magical essence of the holiday season. They are designed to fit a full tree, but they can also be sized down to ⅔ scale to fit a mini tree. 

ornaments Christmas 3D printing idea

Source: Printables

3. Christmas tree spiral ornament with mount

If you are searching for Christmas ornaments to 3D print, this spiral set can be another option to consider. Transparent or half-transparent filaments like Nobufil Candy ABSx material will look perfectly and add this printable holiday charm.

Christmas ornaments to 3D print

Source: Printables

4. Cute Christmas tree with shoes

Another obvious 3D printing Christmas idea is a Christmas tree. There are plenty of variations. Let’s check some interesting printables which can serve you this holiday season. 

This adorable design reimagines the traditional Christmas tree with a fun, quirky twist – it stands merrily on a pair of shoes! This cute printable Christmas tree is ideal for decorating desks, bookshelves, children's rooms, etc. 

And it prints easily! You can change the filament color for the shoes manually (I mean no AMS is needed ;) 

Source: Printables

5. Christmas Tree Candy Dish

Here is another idea of what to 3D print for Christmas 2023: a nice Christmas tree that can serve you as a candy holder… or a nice decor for your Christmas dinner table.  It consists of 3 parts. The tree body and lid itself does need any supports.  The star, yes.

Christmas Tree to 3D print

Source: Printables

6. Christmas Gnomes 

Another popular Christmas decoration to 3D print is a gnome. Here is a printables which you can use to decorate your Xmas tree or your home (2 versions included).  Feel free to pick nice 3D filament colors to make this design look even cooler.  We used ABS Filament Astro Blue and we loved the result! It took us 20 hours to print these 9 gnomes.

Source: Printables

7. Crochet Gnome

This one is a crochet gnome version for Christmas. He has little shoes and a crochet hat! It looks really nice! Two versions are available, for decoration and key ring. You can print them very easily and no support is needed! It is a perfect Christmas 3D print! 

Xmas 3D Printed Gnome

Source: Cults3d

8. Abstract Christmas Ball 

An elegant holiday decoration to 3D print this season. It is created by overlapping diamond patterns over a basic ball with a stem. The ornament is printed as a single piece. It requires some infill in certain places. Supports is needed to get a better result. It will look great in many 3d filaments. Choose your favorite 3D Material and enjoy your new printed Xmas decoration! 

3d printable Christmas ball

Source: Printables

9. Houses Xmas decoration

Another 3D printing idea for Christmas is to print houses for lights or candles. This design is in peasant baroque style inspired by typical South Bohemia architecture. This printable includes 4 house designs. Each assembles easily and all can be connected with each other. 

3D printable Christmas houses

Source: Printables

10. Christmas hohoho Sign

Here is the perfect printable Christmas decor for your candy table, coffee table or any corner of your house. The base is one piece. and every letter and details are separated files so you can print it in different colors with a single nozzle. For example, you can choose between Santa Claus, snowman, reindeer or Christmas elf for your “O”. Additionally, you can print small details to make it more festive. Have fun! 

Christmas DIY to 3D print

Source: Printables

11. Reindeer Cookie Cutters 

Another Christmas 3d printing idea is to print a cookie cutter. This printable offers a cookie cutter in the form of reindeer. It's a pastry cutter.  Each can be printed separately or together. Make sure to follow the instructions from Printables because the model cannot be proportionally reduced or enlarged.

3D printable cookie cutter

Source: Printables

12. Death Star Christmas Ornament with LED

Are there any Star Wars fans? We found a couple of Christmas printables just for you. This is a Christmas ornament in the form of the Death Star. The design has a battery container to light it up from the inside. It will look great in Nobufil ABSx Filament Silver! 

Check below the next unusual Xmas tree ornaments which you can 3D print fast.

Starwars ornaments to 3d print

Source: Printables

13. Star Wars Printable Christmas Tree Star

The concept is a Christmas tree star inspired by the "dark side of the force". The centerpiece of the star is the iconic Death Star, surrounded by the spaceships. Incorporating elements from the Star Wars universe, this 3D printed Christmas tree star is perfect for fans of the series or anyone looking to add a unique, sci-fi twist to their holiday decor.

Printable Christmas Starwars ornaments

Source: Thingiverse

14. Star Wars Gingerbread TIE Fighter Kit Card

This cool design can be also used as a Christmas Tree ornament. Solid wings or one with a “bite” are available to suit your preference.  Also contains a version with a ring for hanging and without the ring.The double wings body allows you to print 4 wings and place them back to back for icing goodness on all sides. It can be a great present to your friends who like 3D printing and Star wars.

Christmas deco to 3D print

We 3D printed this Christmas tree ornament in Nobufil ABSx Copper and Marble White filaments on Prusa Mini. It takes just 1 hour 20 mins and the result is pretty cool!

Source: Printables

15. The Mandalorian 3D Printable Christmas Tree Decoration

This is a The Mandalorian Helmet Christmas Tree Decoration to 3D print this holiday season. It's designed to be printed in different color changes to achieve the final result, if you want you can print it in one color and paint later. It has the filament color change configuration. Follow the instructions from Printables to get it. 

3D printing Christmas decor

Source: Printables

16. Stormtrooper Christmas Tree Decoration

Another non typical Christmas tree ornament to 3D Print is this Stormtrooper Helmet decoration. It is from the same designer as the idea above and it is similarly designed to be printed in different color changes. 

Christmas 3D printing ornament

Source: Printables

17. Printable Christmas tree - Led Candle

Here is another very easy idea for the Christmas 3D printed idea. It is very easy to print and no support is needed. It's an excellent project for the holiday season that combines ease of printing with a beautiful, functional result. Whether it's glowing on your dinner table or sitting prettily on a mantle, this LED candle is sure to bring a special glow to your festive celebrations. 

3D printed Christmas decor

Source: Printables

18. Gingerbread House Holiday Card

Here is another very nice design. This Christmas model is meant to be printed with two color changes. A comprehensive video guide is available on the creator's YouTube channel, offering step-by-step instructions on assembling the card kit.

Source: Printables

19. Foldable Printable Christmas Gift Bow 

Here is a practical 3D print for Christmas gifts: a foldable gift bow. The awesome part is  that you need just 5 grams of filament to print it! It can be a nice touch for your presents. Assembly is done by first feeding the top ribbon through the slots at the bottom, and then pressing it onto the circle mount in the middle. After that, the rest of the ribbons can be pressed onto the circle mount in any order.

3d printable gift bow

Try to print in ABSx Bronze or any other your favorite 3D filament.

Source: Printables

20. Gnome napkin stand

Transform your holiday table with a touch of whimsy and practicality. It's an excellent example of how 3D printing can bring creative ideas to life in a fun and useful way. 3D print your next napkin holder, of course, all in the Christmas spirit. I am sure your wife will like it! 

This model doesn't require any special print settings. Prepare your Bambulab AMS! The model should be okay to print with multi material without wasting too much filament due to color changes.

3d printing Christmas deco

Source: Printables

21. Christmas Tree tea light

Its printable Christmas tree with stars and with a separated LED tea light holder trunk. One of its STLs has a vase mode version, which is easier and faster to print. It is a really nice Christmas printable. Enjoy it!

3D printing deco

Source: Printables


As we wrap up our journey through these 20+ creative and diverse 3D printing ideas for Christmas, it's clear that the possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing your holiday season. From the whimsical charm of gnome napkin stands to the sci-fi allure of Star Wars-themed ornaments, each idea offers a unique way to add a personal touch to your festivities. 

We hope you found some interesting ideas here.

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Merry Christmas and happy printing!


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