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3D Print your spool holder

Our box is made of high-quality recycled cardboard.

As an nice bonus to our filament, this box can be transformed into a spool holder in just a few steps. It helps to keep your filament safely in the packaging while you are printing with it. So don't hurry up to throw it! 

You are the Maker!

Our goal is to be as sustainable as possible. For us, it also includes designing more functions and a longer service life from the valuable raw materials, while  leaving as little waste as possible. If you want to take the maximum of the box, use this guide to 3D print the Nobufil spool holder for easier printing experience and storage of your filament: 

Take advantage of the full range of functions offered by the Nobufil box by transforming it into a spool holder. This allows you to safely store the filament of your choice and easily unroll the filament roll when printing. The 3D filament stays safe in the packaging and you can still start printing immediately. The files you need to print and assemble the spool holder can be downloaded here.


How to print your spool holder

All the necessary parts for the spool holder can be crafted with the filament in the box. The parts are very easy to print out using the files provided here.

Assemble your filament spool holder

The assembly of the spool holder is straightforward. Just put the bearings in the base first, then add the side panels. Once you're done, you can add your spool of 3D filament and insert it into the box.

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