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Nobufil PETG filament is a sustainable top-quality 3D printing material made from recycled industrial plastic waste.


Our PETG 3D Filament delivers high-quality prints with excellent layer adhesion and robustness. The material also boasts high temperature resistance and strength properties that are comparable to ABS - at the same time it is just as easy to print as PLA. Besides, it is almost odorless and has minimal delay between printing layers. It is compatible with most common 3D printers and is easy to process. Overall, PETG filament is an excellent choice for environmentally-conscious 3D printing enthusiasts who value quality and convenience.

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-5% extra discount
on 1 order with more than 3 spools

PETG filament

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Our PETG filaments 

Technical Data 

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Print settings

- Print temperature: 235°C ± 10

- Bed temp: 75°C ± 10

- Printing surface: textured PEI sheet

- Fan speed: 20-50%

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