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Carbon Filament 

Enhance your 3D printing projects with high quality Nobufil carbon fibre filaments. Adding carbon fibres to 3D filaments increases both the strength and stiffness of the parts made from them, resulting in a better strength-to-weight ratio, enabling lighter, more resilient parts to be produced in less time. Optimize your 3D printing projects with our high quality carbon fibre filament and take them to a new level of strength, durability and precision. Perfect for engineering applications, prototyping or small batch production. Get yours now!

100% quality

100% Recycled Material

100% produced in the EU

Our Carbon Fiber 3D Filament 

Technical Data

tech data PETG CF Filament.PNG

Print settings

- Print temperature: 255°C ± 10

- Bed temp: 80°C ± 10

- Printing surface: textured PEI sheet 

- Fan speed: 20-50 %
- Nozzle - hardened

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Printed items

3D gedruckt mit PETG Carbon Fiber
3D gedruckt mit PETG CF
3D printed with  PETG CF
3D gedruckt mit PETG CF
3D gedruckt mit PETG CF