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ABS filament

Nobufil ABSx filament is a high-quality 3D printing material that is made from recycled industrial  plastic waste. Our ABSx filament has undergone special modifications, resulting in a significant reduction of warping compared to traditional ABS 3D filaments. 

Additionally, ABSx produces less odor during printing, making it more suitable for use in printers with open installation spaces.


Thanks to its improved properties, Nobufil ABSx filament is ideal for a range of 3D printing applications. Its reduced warping makes it easier to work with, and its lower odor formation provides a more comfortable printing experience. Overall, ABSx is a reliable and eco-friendly choice for any 3D printing enthusiast.


-5% Extra Discount on an Order
with More Than 3 Spools

Our ABSx Filaments 

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

abs filament tech data.PNG

Print settings

- Print temperature: 260°C ± 10

- Bed temp: 100°C ± 10

- Printing surface: textured PEI sheet

- Fan speed:  max 15%

ABSx technical data.PNG

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