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40+ Summer 3D printing Ideas [2024]

Summer is here and we all want to enjoy it fully. Let’s see what summer 3D prints you can print to enjoy this season more! Why buy the next things if you can print them right away! 

We gathered a list of 42 interesting ideas to 3D print in the summer. Here you can find inspiration for your next 3D printing project: for interesting beach essentials, children toys, games, outdoor activities, useful gadgets, ideas for your swimming pool, garden, home and many more. Each idea has a link to its STL file after its picture .

Let's go!

3d print in summer

3D printing Beach Essentials

Summer is here, and it's the perfect time to hit the beach with some cool, customized gear! If you’re into 3D printing like we are, you know it's not just about what you can make, but how you make it fun and functional. So why not use your 3D printer to create some awesome beach essentials?  Whether you’re a 3D printing pro or just starting out, we’ll show you how to make your beach gear stand out and add a personal touch to your summer adventures!

1. 3D-Printable Sand Play Set

A practical 3d printing idea for those who have small kids: 3D print a sand playset for them: a sifter, a shovel, a rake, a bucket and a mold for making sandcastle towers. For sure, they will enjoy it. 

3d printing beach items

Source: MakerWorld 

2. Beachside Drink Holder

Another idea for 3D printing in summer - this drink holder for sandy beaches. It fits standard drink cans common in soda or beer at 63mm diameter.

summer 3d printer ideas

Source: Printables

3. Beach towel Clip for Sand  

Keep your beach towel securely in place with these 3D printed towel clips. Designed to withstand the windy conditions at the beach, this handy clip ensures your towel stays put, so you can relax and enjoy your time by the sea without constant adjustments.

It is quite practical and besides, it takes just 2 hours to 3D print. 

3D printing beach ideas

Source: MakerWorld 

4. The Beach Vault

This 3D printing beach essential is aimed to protecting your belongings this summer. It takes 18 hours of printing and around 600g of filament. It prints in 4 parts. 

The Sandy Safe is meant to be buried in the sand, keeping the lid uncovered so you can open/close it. Once buried, you can hide the Sandy Safe under your towel, and store your valuables in it.

3d printed beach essentials

Source: MakerWorld

5. 3D print Sand Molds 

 Your children will like this summer 3D print! Print various ready sand molds or customize them and make your own mold. 

summer 3d printing idea

Source: MakerWorld 

6. Summer 3D printing idea: Umbrella hook

It is a simple hook to mount on an umbrella/parasol. You can adjust the necessary diameter to between 24mm-32mm. The best would be to 3D print it in durable 3D material. Such as PETG, PCTG, ABSx or ASA filament

3d printing idea for summer

Source: MakerWorld

7. 3D print Sand Pattern Rollers

This is an excellent summer 3D print for kids! Choose from a variety of charming sea-inspired designs, including seagull tracks, seashells, starfish, and pebble patterns. These creative tools are perfect for keeping kids engaged or adding a touch of artistry to your beach day creations. Simply 3D print your own handle and swap out any of the three interchangeable rollers to start crafting stunning sand designs.

beach 3d printer idea

Source: Cults3d

8. 3D printed 4 can ice cooler

Here is a useful beach 3D printing idea. Print a box, which you can fill in with ice to cool down your drinks in summer. The cooler holds up to 4 cans. After you have inserted your three drink cans, fill the center with small ice cubes or crushed ice - and enjoy your cold drinks wherever you are!

The model consists of 6 parts that are easy to assemble. The printing time is around 13 hours for it.

Source: MakerWorld

Summer 3D print ideas for garden

Kick off your summer gardening with a twist by incorporating 3D printing into your green space! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just getting started, 3D printing opens up a world of possibilities to enhance your garden’s functionality and aesthetic. From custom plant labels to intricate trellises, and even self-watering planters, the opportunities to blend technology with nature are endless. In this guide, we’ll explore creative and practical 3D print ideas that are perfect for any garden, helping you personalize your space and make gardening even more enjoyable. Let’s dig in and transform your garden into a showcase of innovation and style!

9. Balcony Garden: Self-watering flower pots

Flowerpots to fit between the rails is a cool 3D printing idea, especially for summer. Especially because this design covers self watering functions.  Every flowerpot/planter in this design consists of 4 parts for 3D printing:  the pot itself, an inlay to create a water reservoir, a floater to check the water level, and 2 or 5 mounting brackets. 

Try it in PETG or PCTG filaments, which have a higher physical resistance. 

3d printing garden idea

Source: Printables

10. Hydroponic Tower

One of the coolest garden 3D printing ideas is to print and build yourself a modular hydroponic tower. It has 8 4-way planting modules and 3 spacers, allowing you to grow a variety of plants in a compact, vertical setup. Ideal for urban gardeners or those looking to maximize their growing space, this hydroponic tower is both practical and efficient.

3D print it with Nobufil PETG Hydroponic Bundle which already includes 4 kg of PETG and the necessary tools for assembling it. This assemble video-guide will help you to assemble your own 3D printed modular hydroponic tower.

3d printed hydroponic bundle
3D printed with Nobufil PETG Lime Green and Stainless Steel

Source: Thingiverse

11. 3D printed Watering Can

Another idea for the summer 3D print is a watering can. It is a practical print that you can use daily during the summer. This design looks very nice. However, make sure that the 3D material you choose, will be water resistant. 

We 3D printed it in the Nobufil ABSx Candy Blue and the result was cool, and, besides, water resistant. 

Source: Printables

12. 3D Printable Bird Temple

Another 3D print idea of what to print this summer is this bird temple. Firstly, it is not an easy print, and it requires more time to print it and assemble it. Secondly, the result can be very cool. You can print it and then sit on your balcony or garden and enjoy bird watching. 

ASA filaments are perfect for such prints due to their high UV-resistance.

3D printed bird house

Source: MakerWorld

13. Garden Hose Hanger

The garden hose wall holder is another practical 3D Printing Idea for summer that will keep your garden more organized. It can help the hose stay in good condition, no distortion, no knotting, no need to reorganize and use it immediately. It fits all types of Expanding Hose and standard garden hoses. 

 We printed it with the resistant Nobufil ABSx Candy Red. Look at the result: 

Source: Printables

14. Summer 3D Print: a fruit picker

The presented model makes it possible to collect fruit without the need to climb a tree. A stick of any length can be attached to the handle with clamps. The detachable handle with a screw and the unscrewed basket allow you to wash the whole thing in the sink.

garden 3d printing

Source: Printables

15. Self Watering Seed Starter

This STL is a 3D printable solution perfect for summer gardening enthusiasts. This design features a self-watering system that ensures your seedlings receive consistent moisture, promoting healthy growth even during hot summer days. Additionally, the greenhouse dome creates a controlled microenvironment, protecting young plants from harsh weather conditions while maintaining optimal humidity and temperature.

3d printing idea for garden

Source: MakerWorld

16. 3D printable lamp

This summer 3D print is more complicated but it can be a nice DIY project. 3D print your own portable lamp! You can create your own model by printing the dome or the base with or without the adapter, to place the hook that allows you to place it in countless places.

3d printable portable lamp

Source: MakerWorld

17. 3D Print Plant planters with drip trays

The 3d printing summer essentials must have at least one garden pot idea, right? Here is the Moroccan Tile Planter with Hidden Drip Tray. The seam of the tiles aligns perfectly with the drip tray.

Make your garden and balcony plant pots more individual by 3d printing your own pots. The good thing is that there are thousands of different STLs for them for all tastes. Choose your favorite filament colors and give to your plans your personal touch.

3d printing planter idea
3D printed planter with Nobufil ABSx Astro Blue

Source: MakerWorld

Summer 3D Print Ideas for a Pool

Make your poolside fun and functional this summer with the next clever 3D print ideas:

18. 3D print a pool diving toy

The last 3D print idea for summer 2023 is this submerging toy. Print it in different colors for your kinds or, for example, your 3D printing shop. It always ends up standing perpendicular to the bottom, so it's easy to grab during diving. It would be better if you print in PETG or ABS, rather than PLA. 

Enjoy summer diving in the pool with this submerging toy.

3d printed toys

Source: Printables

19. Pool Waterfall

Here is a cool 3D printing idea for those guys who have a swimming pool - a nozzle to make a small waterfall in your pool. It is a pretty cool add-on that you can print yourself. Isn’t it cool? 

3d printing summer gadget

Source: Printables

20. Sword handle for pool noodles

Here is the print idea to turn pool noodles into kids' swords for more summer fun. It is better to use PCTG or PETG for this print because it needs more physical resistant 3D material. It is easy and no supports needed.

3d printing items for summer

Source: Printables

21. Nozzle for pool water spray

The next 3D printing idea is for swimming pools: it is a nozzle for pool water spray.

This is a nozzle for use with swimming pools that have plumbing for spraying from the side of the pool over the water. It screws into a standard PVC 3/4" threaded fitting. There are 3 spray exits, and it forms a nice pattern in the water.

3d printing summer gadgets

Source: Printables

22. 3D Print Floatie for your Drinks

3D print a floating holder for your drinks. You can use it for a pool, lake or a calm sea. Just place your drink (bottle or can) in the middle and have this floatie carry your drink with you. It is a great summer 3D printing idea. Print it in different colors to share it with your friends.

3d printing pool gadgets

Source: MakerWorld

3D Printing Ideas for Summer Outdoor Activities

23. 3D Printing Water Gun 

A fun water blaster that looks like a pool noodle! Mix and match colors, or add your own design to the front of the blaster! There's also a mini design that can be printed on the A1 Mini!

3d printable water gun

Source: MakerWorld

24. 3D printed Boomerang

It is a design of a MATPrint Boomerang that can fly as long as possible and return to a target 50m in diameter. It is a cool 3D print idea to use with your friends or family during nice summer weather. 

3D printable boomerang

Source: Printables

25. 12 designs of bike handles

Summer is a perfect time to enjoy bike trips. Here is a print for your bike. 3D print new bike handles to enjoy it even more. This design includes 12 different handle designs you can choose from. 6 are thin and 6 are normal sized. Thin grips are best printed in TPU.

summer 3d print idea

Source: Printables

26. 3D Printable Throw game

It's a fun game to 3D print this summer. Throw the rings and earn points. Set up the points system yourself. Take this game to the beach, to the park or play in your garden.

3d print Throw game

Source: MakerWorld

27. 3D Print Travel Chess Tube

Here is a toy 3D printing idea that is easily transportable and simple to print. A complete chess set is composed of two stands with 16 rings each. The figures take the shapes of rings which when taken from the game are put on a stand. 

3d printable chess

Source: Printables

28. Bambu Beach Tennis STL

Here is another fun 3D printing idea for summer: solid and original beach rackets for tennis games. The handle is sized to suit both children and adults. 3D print it in different colors for "team recognition". We recommend to use PCTG filaments for it since it has a higher impact resistance. So this print in PCTG should serve you longer.

Have fun!

3d printing games

Source: MakerWorld

29. 3D Printable Frisbee (Mini)

Here is another 3d printing idea perfect for summer and outdoor activities: 3d printable mini frisbee! It flies exceptionally well, is very stable in the air, and doesn't curve weirdly when thrown.

Another awesome part: you just need 40g of 3D filament for it! And it takes barely 2 hours for printing it.

3d printable frisbee

Source: MakerWorld

Tip: use a PCTG filament to make it more durable. PCTG 3D material is more impact resistant than PETG, for example.  

30. Printable Backpack Carabiner

It is a practical summer 3d print idea. Print a carabiner which will help you to carry more things. You can also use it for keys.

We used Nobufil PCTG Candy Red for the item's better resistance:

Source: Printable

31. Camp Chair Cup Holder

Make the best of rom camping this summer: 3D print a cup holder for your favorite drinks to enjoy them in nature. This design fits folding camp chairs that have a crossbar diameter of 19.5 mm and maximum cup diameter of 82 mm.  

camping 3d printer idea

Source: Printables

32. 3D Print Match Containter

This is an airtight match container that is great for both camping and hiking. The lid is screwed onto a thread; in addition, you can seal it with a rubber gasket.

3d printable match holder

Source: MakerWorld

33. Portable Travel Box for Money, Pills, Ashtray

This 3D Design presents a versatile container with a lift-up lid and a sealing joint. It serves multiple purposes such as a pill or medication holder, a secure stash for cash and coins at the beach, or even doubling up as a convenient ashtray to responsibly dispose of cigarettes without environmental impact. It is an excellent 3d printing idea for summer trips.

3d print for summer

Source: MakerWorld

34. Floating Buoy Keychain

It is definitely a useful 3D printing idea for summer if you are planning to spend some time on water activities. Print this floating buoy keychain to keep your keys or other small belongings safe!

Another good thing about it is that the printing time takes just 50 minutes. Print it for you and your friends :)

beach 3D print

Source: MakerWorld

Other Summer Ideas to 3D Print

35. Leaf Drink Coasters with Decorative Plant Holder

Here is a nice summer 3D print for your home. It is a printable set of leaf coasters and decorative holders. There are 2 different leaves, 2 different pots, and 3 different plant types to choose from.

3D printable summer coasters

Source: Printables

36. USB stick holder in the form of Ice Cream

Here is another interesting 3D printing idea: a USB stick holder in the form of melted ice cream! You can store up to 2 USBs or 2 SD cards. It is easy to print. No need to add support.

Source: Printables

37. Relaxed Pot - Cute Printable Planter

This is an STL for a cute summer plant pot. It looks like the planter is relaxing. Print it in some bright filaments. Everyone will like it!

We 3D printed it with Nobufil ABSx Industrial Turquoise and we liked it a lot!

Source: MakerWorld

38. Lighthouse Bathroom Organizer

If you would like to add more of the sea-related summer decorations to your home. Check this STL for the bathroom organizer in the form of a lighthouse. You can use it to store toothbrushes, toothpaste, make-up brushes, etc. This 3D print itself takes 10-12 hours.

3d printing summer decorations

Source: MakerWorld

39. Summer Hueforge - Sea coasters

Are there hueforge fans? For sure, yes! This 3D print idea is for you!

It is a very beautiful design of wave coasters in the hueforge technique. You will need just 2 manual filament swaps.

We tried it ourselves with ABSx Industrial Blue & Teal, ABSx Arctic White and the coasters came out utterly beautiful.

Source: Printables

40. Octopus wine holder

Well, this is a practical and very cool printable. It is a huge octopus that will serve you as a wine holder. Even though the printing time takes 3 days, the result is super cool! We 3D printed it in PETG and this print got a lot of interest in different events. So I am sure if you want to surprise your friends or family with something cool - this printable is for you!

The STL is from Cults3d and it is not free.

Source: Cults3d

41. Cappuccino Latte Art Beach

Add summer vibes to your capuccinos with this 3D printing idea for summer. Print this template, add cacao on top of it and your morning cup of coffee will bring you an even more cheerful mood.

3d printing idea coffee

Source: MakerWorld

42. Printable Wall Art - Nature Landscape With Led Light

For mountains lovers, this 3D printable will be interesting. It is a stunning 3D printed sculpture that beautifully captures the essence of a majestic mountain range. Add some lights to it, and it will become a perfect centerpiece for any room, offering a unique and eye-catching addition to any space.

3D printable wall art

Source: MakerWorld


These summer 3D printing ideas are designed to add practicality and fun to your summer, letting you personalize your space with ease. Whether you're looking to create functional outdoor gear or decorative home items, these ideas offer something for everyone, making your summer both productive and enjoyable.

We hope you found some inspiration among these fantastic ideas for 3D printing.

Happy summer!


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